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Jerry Sadler is the main protagonist of the twenty-second Goosebumps book Ghost Beach. He is the older brother of Terri Sadler.


Jerry Sadler and his sister Terri are spending the last months of their summer with their distant cousins Brad and Agatha in New England. While exploring the beach with his sister, the two of them come across a pair of 3 siblings - Sam, Louisa and Nat. Ironically, the 3 of them also share the last name Sadler. The three of them quickly tell Jerry and his sister of a ghost said to live in a cave near the beach. Jerry is skeptical, but soon questions if the story could be true. When Jerry comes across the skeletal remains of a dog, Nat tell him the ghost is responsible, as dogs bark to warn about ghosts.

His curiosity growing, Jerry eventually decides to explore the cave with Terri. The two discover a man by the name of Harrison Sadler lives in the cave, but he is not a ghost, simply someone studying them. He tells them that the true ghosts are Sam, Louisa and Nat. His story is proven to be true, and the three siblings revealed they died during the first winter they arrived in America. They ask Jerry and his sister to join them, but Harrison sacrifices himself and traps the ghosts inside the cave forever.

Jerry and his sister return to Brad and Agatha's, and tell them of their encounter. Suddenly, Harrison Sadler's dog bursts into the room and begins barking at Brad and Agatha. The two question what they should do with the kids now that their secret is out.

General information


Jerry is cautious, sensible and can sometimes be sarcastic and is always eager to explore. He is very interested in science, but remains more cautious and open minded than his sister when he is told about the ghost by Sam, Louisa, and Nat. He gets along well with his sister, and together the two of them are able to solve the ghost mystery.

Physical appearance

Jerry is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with short brown hair, hazel eyes and some freckles across his nose.

In Goosebumps Graphix, he wears a black-sleeved baseball shirt, gray cargo shorts and shoes. And his freckles were removed.

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  • Whilst he was born in America, Jerry is actually of English descent, considering the Sadlers came from England before the winter.