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The following is a list of characters from Jekyll and Heidi in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Heidi Davidson

After the death of her parents, Heidi is sent to live with her uncle and cousin in Shepherd Falls, Vermont. Heidi's uncle is a scientist who performs secretive experiments in his own home. Many strange things seem to happen in his house, which leads Heidi to believe that her uncle may be turning himself into a monster.
Heidi Davidson's parents

Heidi's mother and father were killed in a car accident, leaving Heidi orphaned.
Dr. Palmer Jekyll

Dr. Palmer Jekyll is the uncle of Heidi Davidson. Dr. Jekyll is divorced and reclusive; he is known by the general public as a mad scientist because he performs secretive experiments in his house. While Heidi initially suspects that the doctor is turning himself into a monster, she finds out that he is trying to cure his daughter, Marianna.
Marianna Jekyll

Marianna is the daughter of Dr. Palmer Jekyll. As Heidi discovers late in the book, Marianna was bitten by a forest creature, which now causes her to turn into a monster almost every night. Dr. Jekyll is trying to develop a cure for her.
Aaron Freidus

Aaron is a boy who lives in the village near Dr. Jekyll's home. When Heidi arrives, he quickly befriends her. Aaron helps Heidi throughout the book.
Aaron Freidus's mother

Aaron's mother tends the luncheonette counter at the Shepherd Falls bus station.

Sylvia is Dr. Palmer's maid. She helps Heidi unpack when she arrives

Includes Allan

The police officers in the village want to have Dr. Palmer arrested. They assume that he has something to do with the monster that's been ravaging their village. Aaron says that his cousin Allan works on the force.

Patsy is Heidi's friend. The two girls were separated when Heidi was forced to move in with her uncle.

Ernie is Marianna's pet hamster. Marianna accidentally squeezes it to death in her hands.
Forest creature

This creature lives in the forests of Vermont near where Dr. Jekyll lives. After it bites Marianna, Marianna begins turning into a monster almost every night.