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Jay Gardener, also known as Pul-Mar, is the protagonist of the first Goosebumps Most Wanted book, Planet of the Lawn Gnomes.


Jay was well known for being a troublemaker. One day he accidentally burned his house down when messing with chemicals, and no one believed it was accident, not even the judge. His father had to strike a deal for the charges to be dropped if they moved.

After moving, he still found himself getting into trouble after he wanted revenge on his mean neighbor for kicking his dog, Mr. Phineas. Things got worse after he noticed the lawn gnomes that were on every yard acting strangely. He started tangling with weird things in the neighborhood.

Eventually, he discovered that he is actually a robot named Pul-Mar, created by the gnomes, and he actually lives on a planet called Polovia. He started malfunctioning and he began to believe he was a troublemaker and that he was from Earth, which he is told is a made up planet.

But when he went home after discovering this, Mr. Phineas started speaking and said they have to go back to Earth.

General information


Jay tries his best to be a good kid but he sometimes gets the urge to do bad things. He loves science and his dog, Mr. Phineas. However, because all of this was part of his malfunction, it is unknown what he is actually like. His parents say he is not usually a troublemaker.

Physical appearance

He has big blues eyes and curly red hair with freckles on his nose.


  • Because of the final scene, it is unknown if anything his parents told him was true or not.
  • Jay's description is similar to that of another character with the same name from Welcome to Camp Nightmare. Coincidentally, he also turned out to be an alien.