Jake Banyon

Jake Banyon is the protagonist of the fifteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Scream School. He is the son of film director, Emory Banyon.


As the son of famous horror movie director, Emory Banyon, Jake has spent a majority of his childhood on his father's sets. However, life with the "King of Horror" isn't always glamorous. Emory has his odd quirks. For one, he asks Jake to call him by his first name rather than Dad. Worst of all, he seems obsessed with scaring his son. He tries to teach Jake that it's natural to feel fear, but Jake denies being scared of his pranks, as well as his films.

Despite this, Emory continues his torment. Fed up with his father's antics, Jake decides to pull a prank on his father that will show he can be just as scary as him. One day, Emory approaches Jake and asks if he will accompany him to the shooting of the latest in his Scream School series. Jake agrees, thinking it could be the perfect opportunity to scare his father.

He recruits the film's cast to make it look as if the set is haunted. Every time Emory tries to film, bizarre incidents seem to happen. On the final scene, Emory is horrified to discover none of the cast appeared on film, revealing them all to be ghosts. However, Jake reveals this was all a ruse, and Emory is proud, saying he was truly scared. Pleased with himself, Jake declares himself the new King of Horror.

General information


Jake denies being afraid of his dad's movies, but keeps ending up in situations that make it look like he is. To prove himself, Jake pranks his father as payback for all the tricks he's pulled. He appears to be rather crafty when doing so.

Physical appearance

While Jake is never described directly, he compares himself to one of his friends, saying they both share the feature of brown hair and dark eyes.

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