Jaclyn DeForest is the protagonist in the fifty-first book in the Goosebumps series, Beware, the Snowman.


Jaclyn's father disappeared from her life shortly after she was born, and her mother died when she was very young. Because of this, Jaclyn is taken care of by her aunt, Greta. When she's only twelve years old, Jaclyn is forced to move with Aunt Greta from Chicago to Sherpia, which is located in the Arctic Circle.

When she gets to Sherpia, Jaclyn remembers a cautionary poem about a snowman that her mother used to tell her. Jaclyn notices many identical snowmen scattered about the town. Jaclyn is befriended by Rolonda, a girl who tells her the backstory of the snowmen. According to Rolonda, many years ago, a male and female sorcerer lived in Shepia. The sorcerers brought a snowman to life, but they lost control of the creature. The snowman tried to destroy the town. The village residents rallied together to chase the snowman to the top of the mountain. Now, all of the residents build snowmen in the hopes of pacifying the evil snowman.

Jaclyn decides that she must see the snowman herself. She treks up the mountain and finds the creature. It tells her that it is her father. Her aunt appears, bringing with her the poem about the snowman. Despite Aunt Greta's warning Jaclyn reads the poem, and the snowman is set free. It turns out that the snowman was actually a monster trapped in snow. Jaclyn and Aunt Greta are suddenly saved by an army of marching snowmen.

Conrad appears and reveals that he brought the snowman to life. He was the man in Rolonda's story and Jaclyn's father.

General information


Jaclyn is curious, which gets her into trouble several times throughout the book.

Physical appearance

Jaclyn has wavy, dark brown hair. She also has brown eyes. Jaclyn is athletic; she was one of the best players on the girls’ team at her old school. Throughout her story, Jaclyn typically wears a blue parka whenever she is outside.

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