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Jack Archer is the main protagonist in Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1 and Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 2. He is also the reader's friend in Revenge of the Body Squeezers.


Invasion of the Body Squeezers

Jack and his sister, Billie were in the living room, watching television and Billie was competing with Jack over the littlest things, which really drives Jack crazy. Then a special news bulletin came on, announcing that an unknown object has entered Earth's orbit, which could be a comet or a meteor. Jack was fascinated at this and he would like to see a real comet. Billie bragged that she had already seen two comets and Jack snapped at her to stop bragging and making up stories all the time, to which Billie retaliated by calling him Saucerman, a nickname that Jack hated. He then went to spy on Mr. Fleshman, their new neighbor who had moved in the house next door a few months ago. Jack had a feeling that there was something strange going on in there, because a few weeks ago he had seen some kind of creature in the house and it seemed to be alive and Jack had been spying on Mr. Fleshman ever since. So Jack stepped outside and went to the fence that separated their houses to see if he can spot the creature again.

General information


Jack is really into space and the unknown. He likes to look up at the sky and keep an eye out for anything unusual up there, such as comets. Unfortunately, Jack does tend to jump too soon whenever he spotted something, earning him the nickname Saucerman, which he hated. He is often given a hard time by his friends and Billie, whose competing always drives Jack to the deep end. Billie is also another reason why Jack is never taken seriously, which annoys Jack also. Ever since his mistakes, Jack has been determined to never look like a fool in front of everyone. And now that he has defeated the Body Squeezers, it would seem that Jack is now considered a hero.

Physical appearance

Jack is twelve years old, Caucasian, short and thin with curly blond hair and big brown eyes.



  • Jack Archer's name comes from the winner of the Fox Kids Terror-ific Goosebumps Giveaway Contest.[1]