Dr. Izzy Wicked is the owner of the Wicked Wax Museum. He appeared in the twelfth Give Yourself Goosebumps book, Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum.


Dr. Wicked created all of the wax figures in the Wicked Wax Museum. In certain plot lines, the reader can meet workers hired by Wicked, tasked with helping to create more figures. Wicked is a scientist, and he operates a laboratory dedicated to wax-figure creation. Additionally, he serves as a father-figure to the illusive Sybil Wicked.

According to Sybil Wicked's "skull-faced" servant, Axel, Sybil was in a fire three years prior to when the book takes place, and her face was horribly disfigured. Following this, she went into hiding so that she could spend all of her time trying to repair her face. In one ending, it is revealed that Sybil Wicked was never human; she was a wax figure created by Dr. Izzy Wicked. Prior to her disfigurement, Sybil was the doctor's best creation.

In one ending, Dr. Izzy Wicked falls into a vat of wax, presumably dying. However, he is alive in every other ending of the story.

General information


As his name suggests, Dr. Izzy Wicked is wicked. He's not opposed to turning kids into wax-covered statues.

Physical appearance

Dr. Wicked has wild white hair and sullen cheeks.

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