Ivanna is a character in the forty-seventh Goosebumps book, Legend of the Lost Legend.


Siblings Justin and Marissa Clarke were taken to the small European country of Brovania by their father, who is searching for the Lost Legend, an illusive document, rumored to be encased in a silver box and located somewhere in the forests of Brovania. The kids end up separated from their father and following a dog to a cabin in the forest.

When the siblings enter the cabin, Ivanna greets them. Ivanna says that, in order to win the silver chest, the children will need to pass a test of survival in the Fantasy Forest. Ivanna also introduces the kids to Luka, a human-like creature that's covered in fur. The following day, the children are subjected to many threatening creatures, all of which turn out to be robotic. When the kids return to the cabin, they find Ivanna slumped over a table, and they learn that she is also robotic, with a wind-up key in her back.

Luka enters the cabin, removes his fake hair, and reveals that he created Ivanna, the Fantasy Forest, and all of the creatures within it, but Ivanna is his finest creation. Luka's family uses these creations to protect their treasure from thieves. Since Justin and Marissa survived the test, they are awarded the silver box that Ivanna alluded to earlier, but they eventually learn that the box doesn't have the Lost Legend.

General information


Despite being inhuman, Ivanna seems to possess human traits, such as a sense of humor.

Physical appearance

As described in the book, Ivanna is large and wears a long, gray dress. She has bright green eyes, round cheeks, blond hair, bangs, and long braids at the sides of her head. Additionally, she wears a horned helmet on her head and a medallion around her neck.

The cover is mostly faithful to this description, but Ivanna is seen wearing a short, brown dress instead of a long, gray dress.


  • When Ivanna introduces herself, she jokes that she doesn't know what her name means. In actuality, Ivanna is the derivative of Ivan, a Slavic name derived from Hebrew, and it means "God is gracious".
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