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"It Came from Beneath the Sink" is the fourteenth episode of season one of the Goosebumps TV series. It premiered on February 2, 1996 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.



There's something creepy lurking beneath the kitchen sink . . . It may look and feel like a regular sponge, but it is no ordinary sponge—it's alive! When Kat discovers it in her new house, life becomes a "grueling” experience. Ever since the sponge turned up, Kat's luck seems to be going from bad to worse. If she can just get rid of this evil sponge for good, her life would return to normal . . . But this is one sponge that's hard to rub out.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, the Grool is killed in the Merton Residence, in the episode, it was defeated in Katrina's school (as her science teacher kept the Grool so she can run some tests on it).
  • In the book, Daniel tells Katrina that the Grool can only be killed with kindness. In the TV version, Daniel and Katrina figure it out when they notice the Grool reacting to the janitor's happy music playing on his Walkman and decide to make it shrink by showering it with compliments.
  • In the book, Katrina solely kills the Grool through means of love. The Grool in the episode cannot be killed, so Katrina keeps the Grool in her room with music to keep it incapacitated.
  • Killer is a German Shepard in the episode, instead of a Cocker Spaniel.

Home media

Title Release date Media type

It Came from Beneath the Sink

September 11, 2007

September 11, 2012


Kids' Double Features

September 16, 2008 DVD

3-Pack Thriller

August 26, 2014 DVD


  • The episode is incorrectly titled It Came From Beneath the Kitchen Sink on Netflix.
  • The show that Carlos and Daniel are watching on the television is the Goosebumps episode, "Welcome to Camp Nightmare".
  • The music that is played through the Grool's headphones is the Goosebumps theme song.
  • The theme tune for this episode and "Say Cheese and Die" are played in a higher key and have a different atmosphere to it than the regular theme.
  • The episode references The X-Files, another show that was also airing on Fox.