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Irk is a Horror from Monsters at Midnight, the first arc of the comic series Goosebumps.


Mia and Ginny arrived at HorrorLand trough a doorway in the Cursed Editions bookstore, and Irk greeted them. She was looked down upon by the other monsters, lead by Slappy due to her being smaller than them and was surprised to get a scream from the kids. Irk was accidentally pushed into the Coffin Cruise along with Mia and Ginny but the others just laughed at her.

Irk ended up saving Ginny when she fell into the monster infested water and they started forming a bond, as they are both small. Slappy mocked her for stooping to that and lead them down a crypt in an attempt to escape. However, she started gulping down some Monster Blood to grow giant so she can be as scary as the other monsters.

Ginny managed to talk her down by reminding them of the bond they've had, and this made her shrink back to normal size. Irk held off the monsters while Mia and Ginny ran inside a secret room in a funeral parlor that had some books that took them back home. Irk stayed behind while they used one of the books to get home.

Sometime later, Mia and Ginny were going home with their mothers when they heard something in the trunk. It turned out to be Irk who read the book as well. However, Slappy and his monsters appeared, claiming that he read it too.

General information


Irk is annoyed by how she is seen as not scary and tries her best to appear threatening but it usually doesn't work. She is desperate to be seen as scary, as shown she was ate the Monster Blood. Deep down, she was shown to be nice and managed to bond with the kids.

Physical appearance

Unlike most Horrors, Irk is small with purple fur and green spots, she has a tiny ponytail with a green rubber band and her eyes are a yellow amber color while her pupils are red.