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Not to be confused with Iris Candler from Calling All Creeps!

Iris is a character in the seventh Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Revenge R Us.


Iris and her pet crow, Maggie, run a business known as Revenge R Us, which allows anybody to get revenge on whomever they want. When Wade Brill discovers an ad for the business in a magazine, she pockets it, in hopes of getting revenge against her older brother, Micah. Micah, however, uncovers this plot, and pays Iris to make sure any spells used on him are to be turned on his sister instead.

Iris goes along with Micah's plan, and everything works perfectly. Wade ends up at the receiving end of all the revenge curses. When Micah's plan is revealed, Wade steals Maggie from Iris and begins to use the magic to finally get revenge. She turns her brother into a frog, before Iris shows up, declaring that she must be taught a lesson for messing with magic. Wade attempts to use Maggie in order to turn Iris into a frog, but as she wished for four wishes in a day, the spell is turned on her, and she becomes a frog.

General information


Iris seems to have a deep knowledge of magic, and warns anyone against improper usage of it. Ironically, Iris herself uses her own magic simply for financial gain.

Physical appearance

Iris is described as wearing a purple dress, with black hair and pale skin. Her fingernails and lipstick are also black.