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The following is a list of characters from Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 2 in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description
Jack Archer

The protagonist of the story. Jack becomes the only person aware of an invasion of aliens known as Body Squeezers. As the rest of the town becomes possessed by the aliens, he ends up the last human left.
Body Squeezer

A large green alien with oval eyes, deep nostrils and a small, lipless mouth. It squeezes its victims in a tight hug, then enters their body. Once the Squeezer is inside, the possessed being speaks with a weird "t-t-t" stutter. They continue to spread the possession with each person they hug.
Ted Liss

Mr. Liss is Jack's science teacher. He becomes the first person to be possessed by the Body Squeezers.
Mr. and Mrs. Archer

Jack and Billie's parents. Jack's father works for the deputy mayor. Despite his attempts, they never believe Jack about the Body Squeezers. Much like most of the town, they too become possessed.
Billie Archer

Jack's seven year old sister. She is highly competitive with Jack, often claiming to have seen and done more than he has. This includes claiming to have met a giant blue alien.

The first victim of the possessed Mr. Liss.
Mr. Fleshman

Jack's next door neighbor who he believes can help him with the alien invasion. However, it turns out that there's something much more sinister about him.
Derek Lee and Henry Glover

Two of Jack's friends. They're larger and more athletic than Jack. Both are on the swim and soccer teams at school. They try to get Jack to join the swim team.
Mrs. Berkman

Jack's middle school principal. She too winds up possessed by Mr. Liss.
Officer Munroe and Officer Tunney

A pair of police officers brought to school for an assembly, only to later be possessed by Mrs. Berkman.
Coach Finney

The middle school swimming coach. He is a younger, good looking man, that the girls in school find attractive.
Maddy Wiener

One of Jack's friends. She is a child actor and model. She often speaks for her friend Marsha James.
Marsha James

Maddy's best friend. She is the more soft spoken of the two, meaning that Maddy usually speaks for her.
Deputy Mayor Rawls

The deputy mayor. He too gets possessed by the Body Squeezers.
Giant Blue Alien

An alien that Billie met while in the hospital. It wants to hug Jack.