The following is a list of characters from Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part 1 in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Jack Archer

Book The protagonist of the story. Jack has a history of thinking he's seen aliens and other supernatural events. The other kids mock him with the nickname of "Saucerman".
Billie Archer

Book Jack's seven year old sister. She is highly competitive with Jack, often claiming to have seen and done more than he has.
Mr. Fleshman

Book Jack's next door neighbor. Mr. Fleshman acts strange to the point that Jack believes that he must be hiding something evil in his house.
Maddy Wiener

Book One of Jack's friends. She is a child actor and model. She often speaks for her friend Marsha James.
Marsha James

Book Maddy's best friend. She's the more soft spoken of the two, meaning that Maddy usually speaks for her.
Derek Lee and Henry Glover

Book Two of Jack's friends. They're larger and more athletic than Jack. Both are on the swim and soccer teams at school and try to get Jack to join.
Mr. and Mrs. Archer

Book Jack and Billie's parents. Mr. Archer works for the deputy mayor. Much like everyone else, they don't believe any of Jack's stories about aliens.

Book A bear-sized monster with one eye and a crushed skull that Mr. Fleshman claims is a remote controlled prop.
Mysterious Voices

Book Strange voices that Jack begins to hear after finding a strange black box in Mr. Fleshman's house. They control his mind and try to force him to obey.
Mr. Laker

Book One of the teachers from Jack's school. He is believed to be the meanest and strictest teacher in school
Mrs. Hoff

Book The homeroom teacher Jack gets for the school year. She is said to be really nice.
Mrs. Hansen

Book Jack's art teacher. Said to be full of energy and bounces from desk to desk.
Dr. Bendix

Book A doctor that Jack's parents threaten to send him to after he hears voices in his head.

Book A large black Labrador retriever that scares Jack.
Mr. Liss

Book The middle school science teacher. Jack brings the meteorite he found to school in hopes that Mr. Liss could find some sort of answer.
Body Squeezer

Book An alien that grows out of a rubber ball-sized meteorite that Jack finds and tries to attack him.
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