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Ian Barker is the main protagonist of the first Goosebumps SlappyWorld book, Slappy Birthday to You.


Ian always wanted a ventriloquist dummy, it's something he always wanted since he was nine years old, then he gets Slappy on his twelfth birthday, and he couldn't be happier, until his cousins read the magic words that bring Slappy back to life.

Slappy begins causing trouble, and Ian gets blamed for the things he does, but one night, Slappy disappears; his cousins Jonny and Vinny stole him, which turned out to be a bad idea, when he terrorizes them, then forces Vinny and Johnny to take him back to Ian's house.

In the end, Slappy brings to life an army of broken dolls, including Abigail, who eventually stops Slappy.

General information


Ian is a determined boy, when he has a dream, he always wants it to come true, he is also quite the entertainer, but he's not very strong. When something is wrong, he knows right away that he has seen what he's seen. He argues with his sister often but he has more of a dislike for her cousins.

Physical appearance

Ian does not get a physical description.