The following is a list of characters from I Am Slappy's Evil Twin in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Slappy the Dummy

Book Slappy is an old evil dummy craved out of a cursed coffin’s wood. He comes to life when someone says out loud the words “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano”. He narrates the introduction and prologue of this book.
Snappy the Dummy

Book Slappy’s twin brother. The only physical difference between them is that Slappy has olive-green eyes, while Snappy’s eyes are black. He pretends to be good until the very end of the book, where he reveals that he being nice was all part of a plan devised by him and Slappy.
Franz Mahar

Book An old puppet maker who lived in England during the 19th century, but moved to the United States in the early 20’s. He created dozens of dummies and dolls. Slappy, Snappy and Mr. Wood were also created by him. He once was a ventriloquism star, due to the realistic dummies he made. He learned a lot of magic from a sorcerer named Kanduu, Mahar’s work colleague. He used that magic to bring his dummies to life, so that he wouldn’t feel so lonely.

Book Kanduu is a British magician capable of making anything appear or disappear. They shared the stage, and they became good friends, until the day Mahar realized Kanduu was an evil sorcerer. He could control people, read minds, and do many other dark things. He casted a spell in Mr. Wood in order to bring him to life.
Mr. Wood

Book Mr. Wood is another dummy made by Mahar. He is brought to life by Kanduu's black magic, which turns the dummy evil.

  • Buster Bailey
  • Seth Johnson
  • Unnamed villagers

Book They blame old Mahar of practicing witchcraft, a few months after he moves to their small village, located in the United States. The angry villagers state that, since he moved to the village, many weird things had happened, such as a two-headed goat being born, and the crops withering and dying. In a huge revolution, they burn almost all of Mahar’s puppets.
Luke Harrison

Book The protagonist of this story. He is a red-haired boy who loves horror movies and books.
David Harrison

Book Mr. Harrison is Luke’s father, and a horror movie producer. He owns the Horror House Films. He has produced a lot of movies, such as Attack of the 2,000-Pound Dachshund, The Creature from the Cincinnati Suburbs, and It Came From Beneath My Bed!
Kelly Harrison

Book Luke’s bossy ten-year-old sister. She is blond, and has dimples in her cheeks, which makes people think she is cute and adorable.

Book Luke’s best friend. He is Indian-American, and even though he is only twelve, Jamal is a technology genius, being able to build a drone just by himself.
Simon Benedict

Book He is the executive producer of most of Mr. Harrison’s films.

Book Derek is a professional puppeteer. He operates Slappy and Snappy in the horror film Mr. Harrison is making, called I Married a Dummy. Derek is a young man with curly, black hair, and black beard.
Ms. Duveen

Book David Harrison’s secretary. She is tall and blond.
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