"I'm Telling!" was the fourth short story featured in the book Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Adam is playing in a forest, pretending to fight a gargoyle. In reality, the statue is stationary. Adam aims his water gun at the gargoyle, but finds he has run out of water. To his surprise, the statue begins leaking a strange, green liquid. Curious, Adam fills his gun with the ooze. He fires the gun at a nearby tree and is shocked when the tree leaves turn to stone. Adam's fun is cut short by his bratty younger sister, Missy, who threatens to tell their mother that Adam is playing and not working on his art project. Missy's threats continue until Adam fires the gun at his sister, turning her into stone.

Panicking, Adam hauls his sister off in a wheelbarrow. He is stopped by his art teacher, who believes the statue to be Adam's project. Pleased with his apparent work, the teacher forces Adam into a contest, where he wins first place. Adam tries to get back home, but finds his parents are already there. He rushes back to the gargoyle, only to find it flying around the forest. He fires at the creature, sending it back to the ground in statue form. He sprays Missy once more, and she is reverted back to normal.

Upon returning to normal, Missy snaps at her brother for what he did. She threatens to tell on him. While her chants continue, Adam aims the gun at her and pulls the trigger.


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