The following is a list of characters from How I Learned to Fly in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Jack Johnson

Book Jack, an aspiring comic book artist, is obsessed with impressing Mia Montez, a girl at his school. However, he's constantly upstaged by Wilson Schlamme.
Wilson Schlamme

Book Wilson is both athletic and fairly smart. Wilson likes to impress Mia Montez whenever possible.

Book Morty is Jack's pet cocker spaniel.
Mia Montez

Book According to Jack, Mia is one of the cutest girls in Malibu Middle School. Jack and Wilson constantly compete for her attention.
Ted Johnson and Mrs. Johnson

Book Ted Johnson is Jack's father and a failing talent agent; he can't seem to find any talented individuals to manage. Very little information is given about Mrs. Johnson, Jack's mother.

Book Terminator is Wilson's dog. This dog is very smart and bigger than Jack's dog, Morty.
Mrs. Green and Olive

Book Mrs. Green is Jack's neighbor, and Olive is Mrs. Green's pet cat.
Mia Montez's family

  • Angela Montez (stepmother)
  • Biological mother
  • Mr. Montez (father)
  • Brother

Book Mia Montez's father and biological mother are divorced. Mia spends half of the year with each of her biological parents. Mia's stepmother is named Angela Montez. Mia has a brother, but very little information about him is given.
Ray and Ethan

Book Ray and Ethan are two close friends to Jack. The boys first appear at Mia's birthday party. They appear and are mentioned periodically throughout the book.
Mr. Grossman

Book Mr. Grossman is Malibu Middle School's gym teacher. Kids at this school make jokes about Mr. Grossman because of his oafish appearance.

Book Kara is a close friend to Mia. Kara appears at Mia's party.
School nurse

Book The school nurse introduces Jack to scientists from an unnamed university.
University scientists

Book A group of four university scientists visit Jack while he is at school. The scientist want to perform tests on Jack. Jack doesn't trust the scientists, and he runs away from them.
Army scientists

Book These scientists abduct Jack and conduct strenuous tests on him for hours.
Marvin Milstein

Book Marvin "Marv" Milstein, the owner of Marv’s Malibu Motors, employs Jack to promote his company.
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