The following is a list of characters from How I Got My Shrunken Head in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Mark Rowe

Book and TV episode Mark is the protagonist and narrator of this book. He is twelve-years-old, and he is short and a little chubby. He loves playing video games, especially one called Jungle King.
Eric and Joel

Book They are Mark’s best friends. They don’t like to play Jungle King with Mark, which, according to Mark himself, is due to them always losing against him.
Jessica Rowe

Book Mark’s bratty little sister. She is eight years old, but she usually acts as if she was younger. She only appears in the book; in the TV adaptation, Mark is an only child.
Mrs. Rowe

Book and TV episode She is Mark and Jessica’s mother, and Aunt Benna’s sister.
Carolyn Hawlings

Book and TV episode A work colleague of Mark’s aunt Benna. Carolyn is a tall woman, with short black hair and a soft voice. She brings Mark the magic Shrunken Head, saying it is a present from Benna.
Aunt Benna

Book and TV episode Mark’s aunt and Mrs. Rowe’s sister. She is chubby and has short black hair, and a round face.
Flight attendants

Book They work at the plane Mark and Carolyn Hawlings use during their trip to Baladora.

Book He is a young and kind airplane pilot, who has slicked-down black hair and a black mustache.
Dr. Richard Hawlings

Book and TV episode He is a research scientist who studies the wild life in Baladora Island. He has thick white hair and pale blue eyes, which Mark describes as being just like blue marbles.
Kareen Hawlings

Book and TV episode Kareen is Dr. Richard’s daughter. Like her father, she has blue eyes. She is very pretty, with straight blond hair and a nice smile.
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