The following is a list of characters from Horrors of the Black Ring in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Beth Welch

Book As Beth prepares for her school's upcoming Spring Carnival, strange things happen that make it seem as if someone's out to ruin the festivities. Eventually, the culprit is revealed to be Beth's teacher, Miss Gold, under the influence of a mysterious black ring. Beth herself later puts on the ring, and is slowly corrupted by its evil. However, she manages to remove it.
Amanda Welch

Book Beth's seven-year old sister. She often makes demands of her older sister, and loves to play tricks on Beth.
Danny Jacobs

Book Danny Jacobs is one of three students in charge of the Spring Carnival. Beth has a huge crush on him, leading to much teasing by her sister.
Tina Crowley

Book A cochairperson involved in running the carnival. Beth describes her as nice but doesn't know her very well.
Anthony Paul Gonzales

Book The school's resident prankster. He loves to tease Beth, and has a sick sense of humor. When accidents befall the carnival, Anthony becomes the primary suspect.

Book A bird with a broken wing that Beth attempts to nurture back to health. Unfortunately, Chripy ends up dying, but his body is what allows Beth to defeat the evil of the black ring.
Miss Melanie Gold

Book Beth's teacher. A kind, pretty blonde woman. She is the first in the book to wear the black ring and fall under its influence, trying to ruin the Spring Carnival as a result. She is eventually arrested and placed in a mental hospital. When Beth puts on the ring, she goes to Miss Gold for help, but she doesn't want anything to do with it.
The Black Ring

Book A mysterious black ring with a sinister-looking face inside. Whoever puts it on is taken over and controlled by the evil spirit within, which eventually breaks loose at the end of the book.
Teddy Jackson

Book A boy in Amanda's class that gives her bizarre, often gross, gifts, such as a cow eyeball.
Mrs. Welch

Book Beth and Amanda's mother. She dislikes it when her daughters argue.
Mr. Martin

Book Beth's art teacher. His room is left in ruins by the mysterious vandal, causing him to become very distraught.
Mr. Greaves

Book The school custodian. He rescues Danny when he gets into an accident involving the dunk tank.

Book Mr. Greaves' assistant.
Mrs. Cooke

Book The school principal. She refuses to cancel the Spring Carnival, despite the many concerns.
Elizabeth Gordon

Book A classmate of Beth's in charge of one of the carnival booths.
Oliver Slivka

Book A classmate of Beth's working at the carnival. He is annoyed when she late for her job as ticket-taker

Book An officer at the carnival who stops and arrests Miss Gold as she attempts to attack attendees of the carnival.

Book A nurse working at the hospital Miss Gold is placed in. She refuses to let Beth see her.
Mr. Charles

Book A bald-headed man who fills in for Miss Gold as a substitute teacher.
David Kelly

Book A classmate of Beth's. Anthony accuses him of breaking his sunglasses, resulting in an argument.
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