Horrifico grin alt

Horrifico is a magician Horror and was the founder of HorrorLand in the Goosebumps HorrorLand video game.


Horrifico created the Carnival of Screams. However, he can be found at Fever Swamp, where he once put on a show featuring The Great Gargantua. When the main character gets out of the 'Horrors Only" lounge, Horrifico knows it is not a real Horror.  He uses some power from his staff to reverse the Horror Mask's transformation on the player, allowing them to remove the Mask and return to normal. Horrifico gloats that the player will never get out and begins thinking what to turn him/her into. The player throws dust in Horrifico's face and escapes without the Mask. Near the end, Horrifico tries to get revenge against the main character, but he is defeated (and possibly killed) by a giant demon girl, Gigi (The Great Gargantua)

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