Hillcrest is a city featured in the third Goosebumps Hall of Horrors book, The Five Masks of Dr. Screem.


Despite the fact that its name contains the word "hill", Hillcrest is fairly flat. Of the few hills in city, Wolf Hill is the tallest. On one side of Wolf Hill is the city's downtown area; meanwhile, there is only farmland on the hill's opposite side.

One guard at the History Museum reveals that the museum is owned by the city.


Below is a list of people who live in, work in, or frequent Hillcrest:

  • The Anderson family
    • This includes siblings Monica and Peter Anderson as well as their parents.
  • Freddy Milner
  • Caroline
  • Regina
  • Belladonna
  • The Willer family
  • The Klein family
    • This includes Mrs. Klein, Mr. Klein, and their daughter, Phoebe.


Hillcrest Middle School
Hillcrest Middle School isn't described in great detail, but it is said to be fairly close to both the History Museum and a new cemetery. The school is said to have a track team, a gymnastics team, and a girls' basketball team, the last of which is coached by Mrs. Klein.
History Museum
The town's History Museum — which is city owned — is a popular location for school field trips, as it's only five blocks away. It is fittingly located on Museum Drive, and it is situated beside the small and grassy Museum Park as well as a local library.
New cemetery
This cemetery is hinted to be modern and fairly nice. Since it's only a few blocks from the local school, some students occasionally have picnics here.
Oldest cemetery
Hillcrest's oldest cemetery is described as unkempt, with a paint chipping away at the fence surrounding it and leaves scattered about. This graveyard is about three blocks away from the Andersons' house.
Public Library
Very little information is given about the library besides the fact that it is beside the History Museum.
Residential area
It's unclear how big the residential area is or if there's more than one residential area in Hillcrest. This is where the Anersons live, and Willer and Klein family live on the same street. Belladonna's house is sightly farther away from the Andersons' house.
Wolf Hill
Wolf Hill is the tallest hill in town.


  • While it remains unclear if Hillcrest is named after a real location, there are numerous real places in the United States that share its name.
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