Hill House is a haunted house located in the town of Wheeler Falls, where it serves as a tourist attraction. It appears in the thirty-seventh Goosebumps book, The Headless Ghost.


According to legend, Hill House was built by a sea captain for his wife, Annabel. When construction of the house is finished, the captain is called out to sea, leaving his wife all alone. Annabel waits months for her husband to return, but he never does, causing her to leave the house. Shortly afterwards, residents of Wheeler Falls begin to see the ghost of the captain moving throughout the house, clutching a lantern and calling out for his wife.

Years later, the Craw family moves into the house. The son, Andrew, is a nasty child, pulling cruel pranks on others. One night, Andrew runs into the ghost of the sea captain, who is now a hideous ghoul. The ghost pulls Andrew's head from his shoulders, hiding it somewhere in the house. The captain then vanishes, leaving Andrew as the sole spirit in the house, forever searching for his head.

Tragic incidents befall the rest of the Craw family following Andrew's death, soon becoming nothing more than legend. Hill House is turned into a tourist attraction, where regular tours are given that recount the house's history. Two regular attendees are Duane Comack and Stephanie Alpert, the self-dubbed "Twin Terrors of Wheeler Falls". Tired of fake scares, the two children decide to hunt for Andrew's head. Inside Hill House, they discover that there's truth to be found behind the house's many ghost stories.

At the end of The Headless Ghost, it is revealed Hill House went out of business, bringing the tours to an end.


The book describes Hill House as three stories tall, covered in dozens of turrets, windows, and balconies. The house itself is made out of stone slabs, which are covered in thick moss. A gargoyle is perched at the very top. The interior is described as cold and dark, with rooms and hallways that seem to stretch on forever. Otto, the tour guide, reveals the house has nine fireplaces and over thirty rooms.


Character Description

Captain Bell

Captain William P. Bell was the creator of Hill House, which he makes for his wife, Annabel. Bell ends up being called out to sea, where he eventually died. Following his wife's departure from the house, Bell's ghost appears, frantically searching for her. When Andrew Craw stumbles upon him, he tears the boy's head off, before vanishing from the house. In the television adaptation of the book, the tour guide, Otto, is depicted as being the captain's ghost.


Annabel was the wife of Captain Bell, and the first person to live in Hill House. After her husband never returns, she flees the house, never wanting to see it again.

Andrew Craw

Daniel Goodfellow - The Headless Ghost
Andrew was the thirteen-year-old son of the Craws. He was a nasty, mean spirited boy, who loves to play tricks on his servants. When he comes across the ghost of Captain Bell, his head is torn off and hidden somewhere in Hill House. Andrew's ghost remains in the house, searching for his head. When Duane and Stephanie end up discovering the head in a hidden room, he takes back his head and thanks the two, before departing into the afterlife.

Hannah Craw

Hannah was the younger sister of Andrew. After her brother's death, she went mad and refused to leave her room. After her death, some visitors to Hill House have claimed to see the ghost of a young girl in Hannah's room. The book reveals she had a large collection of porcelain dolls.

Mrs. Craw

Mrs. Craw was the mother of Andrew and Hannah. While walking down a flight of stairs, she falls to her death.

Joseph Craw

Joseph Craw was the father of Andrew and Hannah. A year after Andrew's death, Joseph came home on a cold, winter night. Legend says he took off his jacket and went to the fireplace to warm himself. The following morning, the maid found only his charred hands left behind, holding onto the mantle.


In the television adaptation of the book, Seth was a bratty child who once lived in Hill House. He constantly demanded strawberry ice cream to be delivered to him via the house's dumbwaiter. One day, when the ice cream never came up, Seth reached for it and fell to his death. In the book, Seth is Otto's nephew, who loves to pull pranks. He pretends to be Andrew's ghost, before the real one shows up.

Otto and Edna

Otto and Edna are two of Hill House's tour guides. At the end of the book, Stephanie and Duane discover the tour went out of business months ago. Looking in the window, Duane sees that the two are also ghosts. It is left unclear if they were always ghosts or not.

Unnamed Owners

While not stated outright, the book and episode hint that several others have lived in Hill House besides the Craws, all who likely died in the house as well.


Room Reference image
Front hall
The front hall is the first room one will come across when entering Hill House. Duane describes it as massive. The room is completely bare except for a single winding staircase in the center. Torches are lit on the walls to provide light for the tour.
Guest Room
While Otto recites the story of Andrew Craw, the house's guest room can be briefly seen.
Hannah Craw's room
This is the bedroom of Andrew's sister, Hannah. A rocking chair can be found in the corner, surrounded by hundreds of Hannah's dolls. It does not appear in the episode.
Hallway area that displays the portraits of the people who died in Hill House. Only appears in the episode.
Sea Captain's study
Room used by Captain Bell. Appears only in the episode.
The Green Room
The Green Room is a bedroom in Hill House. It gets its name from the vines that decorate the walls and ceilings. According to legend, two guests who stayed in the room woke up with a terrible rash that couldn't be treated. It does not appear in the episode.
Andrew's room
The former bedroom of Andrew Craw. Duane describes it as mostly untouched, with all of Andrew's toys and games still out on display. The room also contains an old-fashioned canopy bed.
Sewing room
A room containing a sewing machine and a carton of black yard on the floor.
Unnamed Rooms
As Hill House is large and full of rooms, Duane and Stephanie enter several rooms that are only given vague descriptions.
Joseph Craw's study
Room used by Andrew's father, Joseph, that he supposedly died in. No description is given beyond there being a fireplace in the room.
The Hill House kitchen. The room contains a dumbwaiter that was used to bring food up to the master bedroom. The kitchen can be seen in the episode during Seth's ghost story.
Master Bedroom
The largest bedroom in Hill House, where the dumbwaiter brings food to. Can be seen briefly in the episode.
Secret Room
While on the run from Seth, who is pretending to be Andrew, Duane and Stephanie come across a tunnel that leads to a hidden room in the house. This is where Andrew's head is found. In the episode, the hidden room is found by going up a flight of stairs. It looks more attic-like, with painting canvases all around.



Sign advertising the Hill House tour.

  • The television adaptation of The Headless Ghost reveals the tour's slogan to be "WHERE THE DEAD MAKE A LIVING".
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