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Heather Dixon is the secondary protagonist in the Goosebumps HorrorLand book Welcome to Camp Slither. She is the younger sister of Boone Dixon.


Heather appears in the book Welcome to Camp Slither. She is the sister of the main character, Boone Dixon. Heather sits in the seat next to Boone on their bus ride to Camp Hither. She is also in the cabin Rattler and listens to Roddy's stories about Serpo. Next, Heather went to the cabin with Boone in which they found the pile of mice surrounded by chicken wire. Then, Heather was with Boone when they went to investigate Uncle Jerry.

General information


Heather takes after her grandmother in her speech, saying phrases such as "ding dong" and "diggety diggety", everything that her grandmother would say. Heather is a pretty strange girl as she likes to wear bracelets while no one else in her class does, including a rattling bracelet that she likes to fool Boone with and she likes to hit people and thinks that she is so cute that she can get away with it. And she would really hit her brother if he said something that offended her, such as calling her "chubs."

Heather often complains that she was always from home on her birthday (as she was born in the summer) and it annoyed her that her family sometimes forgets about it. She constantly tries to remind them, which greatly annoys Boone. Of course she has some ups and downs with Boone, but there are moments when Heather had some agreements with him and she hates being in suspense as much as he does. And like her brother, Heather likes animals and she really likes to be outdoors.

Physical appearance

Heather is eleven years old, Caucasian, short, a little chubby, very curly hair, and green eyes.