Hannah Stoneman is a character in the sixtieth Goosebumps book, Werewolf Skin, as well as its television adaptation.


Hannah is the next door neighbor of Alex Hunter's Aunt and Uncle. Upon his arrival to Wolf Creek, Hannah becomes fast friends with Alex, acting as his personal guide for the town. During his stay, Alex constantly hears the town's residents talk about werewolves lurking in the woods. The stories all seem to lead to The Marlings — an illusive family living next to Alex that he is warned to stay away from. Hannah seems to believe in the werewolf legends as well. 

Alex becomes eager to get to the truth behind the stories, and takes to the woods in hopes to photograph a werewolf. Alex's search eventually leads him to break into the Marlings' house, only to learn they never existed in the first place. Alex discovers two wolf skins, which are said to transform people into werewolves. He quickly finds out that his aunt and uncle are the true werewolves. To save them from their curse, Hannah comes up with a plan to hide their skins — the source of their power — on Halloween.

The two put on the skins and wait for the full moon to rise to its highest point. While they do so, Alex's aunt and uncle chase them, desperate to get their skins back. However, Hannah's plan succeeds, and they are freed from their curse.

Alex returns to the "Marlings'" House, and discovers an extra Werewolf Skin in the closet. He turns to see Hannah, who reveals that the skin she wore earlier was actually her own. She pounces on Alex, sinking her teeth into his chest.

General information


Hannah seems to be a kind and helpful friend to Alex at first. She shows Alex around Wolf Creek, telling him about its history and local legends. She seems to genuinely like Alex, and she helps Alex free his aunt and uncle from their curse. However, in the end, Hannah reveals a much more sinister side to her personality when she bites Alex — either killing him or turning him into a werewolf like her. (Given that Hannah likes Alex, she likely turns him; both to keep him quiet and for a companion.

Physical appearance

Hannah is described by Alex as tall and thin, with straight black hair and olive-green eyes.


  • Hannah's surname is never mentioned in the book, but it is revealed in the television adaptation.
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