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The Gummy Bears are mischievous gummy bear monsters featured in the film Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween.


The Gummy Bears were originally inanimate candies from a bowl with a zombie hand owned by Tommy Madigan's grandmother. When Sonny Quinn and Sam Carter snuck into Tommy's house, Sam immediately snacked on some gummy bears to Sonny's disapproval. He almost woke up Tommy's grandmother when the hand makes noises, though thankfully she was a deep sleeper. Sam also turned the sound feature on the bowl off.

After Slappy the Dummy brought every decoration in Wardenclyffe, New York to life using the Tesla Tower, Sam wanted to get another bite of gummy bears. However, the zombie hand suddenly grabbed him. As Sam shook the evil candy bowl away from him, the gummy bears spilled all over the floor. Sonny then noticed that the gummy bears were alive, as they were seen getting themselves on their feet before fusing together to form larger, child-sized bears. They immediately attacked the two boys and boxed them inside the house.

When one of the gummy bears tries to suffocate Sonny, interrupting a phone call with his mother Kathy, he drops Haunted Halloween hard enough for it to open itself, sucking in the gummy bear. The rest of the gummy bears were attacking Sam and had fused into one giant red gummy bear. Luckily, Sonny sucks in the rest of the gummy bears.

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  • They were recycled CGI elements from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
  • The Gummy Bears' appearance in Haunted Halloween is a spiritual successor to the Lawn Gnomes' screen time in the first Goosebumps film.
  • The Gummy Bears' abilities are to morph into one and another and become bigger in size.