The following page should help you deal with vandalism (or sometimes just poor quality edits) in the most efficient way possible.

Is it vandalism?

Since it's almost impossible to know the intentions of an editor, it can be difficult to distinguish a miscreant from a misguided user. However, if a user is actively breaking important wiki rules, we generally consider that vandalism. (Bad formatting, poor grammar, repeating edits without explanation, and low-quality content can be grounds for a ban, even if the user is good-intentioned.)

What to do!

Step 1

Undo the edits.

Most spammers only edit a few times before they get bored, so this shouldn't be too hard. (If the user is continuously making poor edits, try contacting them and telling them to stop their misbehavior. If it is clear that the user has no intention of being helpful on this wiki, contacting them likely won't be helpful; move on to the next step.)

Step 2

Report to the admins.

This is the most effective way of dealing with malicious vandalism. Admins can ban users and quickly undo edits. Nobody knows a wiki better than the admins. Keep in mind that this wiki's admins aren't always available. Try and message admin(s) who have been recently active.

Step 2.5

If you are having trouble getting in contact with any admins, try contacting the Volunteer Staff Wiki.

Step 3

Contact Fandom as a last resort.

  • If the vandal has been causing trouble on multiple wikis.
  • If the vandal threatens you with violence.
  • If it is clear that the user is sockpuppeting. (i.e. Creating new accounts to trick people or avoid a ban.)

You may contact Fandom here.


Hopefully this article clears up any questions you had. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask an admin.

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