―The series' slogan
"The evil dummy comes to life to tell his own twisted tales and scary stories!"
―Official description

Goosebumps SlappyWorld is the current main Goosebumps book series. It is the successor to Goosebumps Most Wanted. The series focuses on Slappy the Dummy, telling his own "twisted tales" and "scary stories". The first book in the series, Slappy Birthday to You, was released on February 28th, 2017.

The series was first announced by R.L. Stine on March 1, 2016 during a small Q&A session on Facebook hosted by the organization Save the Children.[1] Stine later confirmed the series on Facebook in July 2016.[2]

Slappy's design is based on his appearance in the Goosebumps film.


No. Book Publish date Pages
1 Slappy Birthday to You February 28, 2017 139
2 Attack of the Jack June 27, 2017 137
3 I Am Slappy's Evil Twin September 26, 2017 129
4 Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo February 27, 2018 135
5 Escape from Shudder Mansion June 26, 2018 136
6 The Ghost of Slappy August 28, 2018 133
7 It's Alive! It's Alive! February 26, 2019 134
8 The Dummy Meets the Mummy! July 9, 2019 142
9 Revenge of the Invisible Boy! October 1, 2019 TBD
10 Diary of a Dummy[3] March 3, 2020 TBD
11 They Call Me the Night Howler![4] July 7, 2020 TBD

According to Scholastic's website, there will be at least 14 books in the series.[5]

List of characters



  • Ian Barker
  • Molly Barker
  • Jonny Harding
  • Vinny Harding
  • Violet Packer
  • Shawn Packer
  • Luke Harrison
  • Kelly Harrison
  • Jordan Keppler
  • Karla Keppler
  • Riley Shiner
  • Scarlet Shiner
  • Shep Mooney
  • Livvy Jones
  • Gates Warwas
  • Aaron Riggles
  • Cathy O'Connor
  • Shannon O' Connor
  • Frankie Miller
  • Melody Richmond
  • Zoey Traister
  • Billy Traister

Other characters

  • Hannah Barker
  • Mr. Barker
  • Donny Harding
  • Marie Harding
  • Dr. Klausmann
  • Mr. Fancypants
  • Farmer Joe
  • Admiral Jim Finnegan (Uncle Jim)
  • Celeste the Cat
  • Danny Lubbins
  • Mad Madeline
  • Salty and Pepper Magee
  • Chuckles the Chimpanzee
  • Captain Pip
  • Franz Mahar
  • Kanduu
  • Buster Bailey
  • Seth Johnson
  • Jamal
  • Mr. Ferber
  • Carter Burwasser
  • Cheng Lee
  • Danitia
  • Patti Mooney
  • Carlos Jackson
  • Chaz Fremont
  • Rosa Romero
  • Colin O'Conner



  • This is the first Goosebumps series to focus on one specific character.
    • To no surprise, this series features the most sequels to the Living Dummy saga at five books currently, as well as the most sequels to a single saga in a single series.
  • Most books in this series may have their titles referencing to other Goosebumps books:
  • Even though Slappy is the narrator of the stories in this series, he refers to himself in the third person during the books he appears in.
  • The title Revenge of the Invisible Boy! is a possible reference to the ending of the first Goosebumps Movie, despite not starring the same invisible boy.


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