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―The series' slogan
"The evil dummy comes to life to tell his own twisted tales and scary stories!"
―Official description

Goosebumps SlappyWorld is the current main series of Goosebumps books written by R.L. Stine. The series focuses on Slappy the Dummy, telling his own "twisted tales and scary stories." Slappy will occasionally interrupt the stories and provide his own commentary.

The series was first announced by R.L. Stine on March 1, 2016, during a small Q&A session on Facebook hosted by the organization Save the Children.[1] Stine later confirmed the series on Facebook in July 2016.[2]

The covers are very similar in design to Most Wanted's covers, with a solid color background presented behind the character. But unlike Most Wanted, some covers feature background elements, such as Revenge of the Invisible Boy having lockers in the back. Slappy's design on the covers and logo is based on his appearance from the film Goosebumps.


No. Book Publish date Pages
1 Slappy Birthday to You February 28, 2017 139
2 Attack of the Jack! June 27, 2017 137
3 I Am Slappy's Evil Twin September 26, 2017 129
4 Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo February 27, 2018 135
5 Escape from Shudder Mansion June 26, 2018 136
6 The Ghost of Slappy August 28, 2018 133
7 It's Alive! It's Alive! February 26, 2019 134
8 The Dummy Meets the Mummy! July 9, 2019 142
9 Revenge of the Invisible Boy October 1, 2019 132
10 Diary of a Dummy March 3, 2020 130
11 They Call Me the Night Howler! July 7, 2020 143
12 My Friend Slappy October 6, 2020 138
13 Monster Blood Is Back March 2, 2021 135
14 Fifth-Grade Zombies July 6, 2021 134
15 Judy and the Beast September 7, 2021 130
16 Slappy in Dreamland March 1, 2022 121
17 Haunting With The Stars June 28, 2022 123
SE Slappy, Beware! September 20, 2022 TBA
18 Night of the Squawker April 4, 2023 TBA

According to Scholastic's website, there will be more than 14 books in the series.[3] In an interview with Stine, however, it was confirmed that he will be writing six additional books, bringing the confirmed total to 20.[4]

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  • This is the first Goosebumps series to focus on one specific character.
    • To no surprise, this series features the most sequels to the Living Dummy saga at seven books currently, as well as the most sequels to a single saga in a single series.
  • Most book titles in this series are similar to other R.L. Stine books and other media:
  • Even though Slappy is the narrator of the stories in this series, he refers to himself in the third person during the books he appears in.
  • The book Fifth-Grade Zombies featured a completely different synopsis before its final release.
  • Since its inception in 2017, there has been at least one book released with Slappy as the villain per year. However, the only year to not feature any book with Slappy as a character is 2021.
  • Slappy, Beware! is the first special edition hardcover book since 2012's Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask.
  • An early title for Night of the Squawker was Feathers!
  • With the series continuing into 2023, SlappyWorld will officially be the longest running single series in all of Goosebumps with an over six year run. The runner-up for this was the original series at five and a half years.
  • Due to him providing the voice of Slappy in every single SlappyWorld audiobook, Joe Fria now holds the record for most performances of Slappy in any official Goosebumps product.