Goosebumps Shrieks and Spiders Game is a board game released in 1995 by Parker Brothers, the same company who made Terror in the Graveyard.


Each player gets a board and 4 Goosebumps chips. There is a stack of cards including 13 Mud Monster cards, 13 Cuddles cards, 13 Mummy cards, 13 Slappy cards, and 8 Curly cards. There are also 3 spiders. The players have to each grab a card at the same time. If a player gets a Mud monster, Cuddles, Mummy, or Slappy card, they are safe. If one player gets a Curly card, all players have to grab a spider. Whoever does not grab a spider has to remove a chip from their board, and when one player loses all their chips, the game ends, and whoever has the most chips left over wins.

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