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Goosebumps HorrorTown is a mobile game based on the Goosebumps franchise.[1] The game was released on November 26, 2017 in Australia and later on May 30, 2018 in both the United States and United Kingdom by the game developer company Pixowl

In the game, the player is in control of a town inhabited by humans and over 50 Goosebumps monsters, such as Slappy, The Mummy, Murder the Clown, and The Haunted Mask. The monsters can interact with the human citizens. The goal of the game is to build the largest town with the most complete collection of Goosebumps monsters.


The following outlines a list of monsters in order of appearance within the game.

The following is a list of the main characters - known as "Heroes" - in order of appearance.

The following heroes listed also appear as Monsters:

The following is a list of the residents in HorrorTown - known as "Neighbors."

The following Neighbors also appear as Monsters:

The following is a list of characters who appear in the game, but are not "playable."


Main storylines

Side storylines

Special storylines



The following is a list of the shops and utilities, in order of appearance, that provide collectible items for crafting goods.

  • Newspaper Stand (+1 Newspaper)
  • Garbage Dumpster (+1 Cockroach)
  • Waste Container (+2 Cans)
  • Margot's Food Stall (+1 Canned Roaches)
  • Grocery Store (+1 Grocery Bag)
  • School Supplies Store (+1 Pencil Case)
  • Toy's Store (+1 Yo-Yo)
  • Carl's Leftover Stand (+1 Leftover Stew)
  • Arcade (+1 Robot)
  • Blob Monolite (+1 Blob)
  • Ed's BBQ Caravan (+1 Grilled Blob)
  • Comics Store (+1 Masked Mutant Comic Book)
  • Hardware Store (+1 Components Kit)
  • Chemical Fountain (+1 Chemical-Z)
  • Bakery (+1 Bread)
  • Flowers Kiosk (+1 Bouquet)
  • Record's Store (+1 Compact Disk)
  • Magic Tree (+1 Enchantment Words)
  • Books Store (+1 Book)
  • Haberdashery (+1 Sewing Kit)

Crafting locations

The following is a list premises within HorrorTown where users can craft items. These are used for various storylines, or can be sold at the pawn shop for experience and coins.


To see the full image gallery, please view Goosebumps HorrorTown/Gallery.


  • Many of the character designs are a combination of assorted books, the television series, other video games, and the Goosebumps movies, along with some original designs.
  • Many of the game's themed updates are each a reference to a specific piece of Goosebumps lore:
  • The Fish Monster was oddly mistaken for a Piranha Person from A Shocker on Shock Street.
  • The Shop Til You Drop...Dead event was designed by fan Grimokan. Additionally, the character design of Jack-O is based off of his avatar.[2]
  • While the images representing the storylines mostly sport Tim Jacobus's artwork, the image for the Ghost Next Door storyline uses the Classic Goosebumps artwork made by Brandon Dorman.
    • The image for the Creature Teacher storyline uses the artwork for Creature Teacher: The Final Exam rather than Creature Teacher.
    • The image for the Monster Blood storyline uses the artwork for Monster Blood II rather than Jacobus' artwork for Monster Blood.
    • The image for Attack of the Christmas Presents uses the loading screen art for the event instead of the cover for More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  • Characters that were initially only available during events, such as Sam Carter, Walter and Sabre eventually become permanent additions in later updates.
  • In 2018, a contest was held for fans to submit monster designs. The winners ended up having their designs used for Madame Doom and the Sleep Master.
  • There are various pop culture references in the game, with the Haunted Halloween event and its quests in particular referencing many pieces of classic horror media:
    • It is mentioned that the school has a janitor named Mr. Kruger, a reference to Freddy Krueger.
    • Greg mentions hiring a nanny named Laurie Strode, a reference to the protagonist of the Halloween franchise.
    • Mortman references authors Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, H.P. Lovecraft, and R.L. Stine
    • Jason Vorhees and the Candyman are directly mentioned.
    • Murder tells a clown named Pennywise that he was "demonic", a reference to the antagonist of Stephen King's It.
    • Two of items in the It Came From the Internet event are red and blue pills, a reference to the Matrix franchise.
    • In the It Came From the Internet event, there is an animation of Mark riding a hoverboard called "Ride back to the future," a reference to the Back to the Future' series.
    • Mr. Zardwid's questline in the Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid! event is called "Yer a Wizard, Mr. Zardwid!", a reference to the line "Yer a Wizard, Harry" from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
    • One of the items in the Haunted School event is "The Wall" and the name of a mini quest you can do to get is "Leave the kids alone", a reference to Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall.
    • The Say Cheese and Die! questline has the kids trying to track down a gang called the "Jackson 5 Gang".
  • When the events were later reintroduced as special books, some of the dialogue was reworked to remove references to other events and address events released afterwards. For example, Curly mentioning his dislike of dogs in Please Don't Feed the Vampire was changed to have him say he makes an exception for Drool.