Monster Cards are Cards that you collect throughout HorrorLand in Goosebumps Horrorland (Video Game), each card features an original Goosebumps book cover.

Cards to Collect

The Following Cards are:

  • 4: The Great Gargantua: Earned if you hit the little girl three times in a game of Monster Mash.
  • 5: Monster Blood: Earned if you play Bumper Carnage without getting hit.
  • 8: Evil Snowman (Beware, the Snowman): Earned if you get four home runs in a row in Batting Cage.
  • 18: BIAJOLs: (Not referencing Brain Juice) earned if you collect six tokens on a game of Brian Drain.
  • 21: Amaz-O (Bad Hare Day): Earned if you get a gold on every ride in the Carnival of Screams.
  • 22: Zombies: Earned if you get a gold on every ride in Vampire Village (The card has zombies and a toxic symbol, so it's unknown if they're talking about the the Dark Falls Cizitens from Welcome to Dead House or the Graveyard Ghouls from Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls).
  • 25: Horrifico: Earned when you've collected 75 frights.

Cards Descriptions

0: Slappy: Good at ventriloquism. Made of wood. But Slappy is no dummy! For hundreds of years, he has terrified children with his creepy (lack of) charm. Likes: Making you his slave. Dislikes: Any attempt to resist.

1: Ghosts: Do you feel cold air; hear footsteps when no one is there; and see someone who has died? You've got a ghost! Secret Power: Ghosts can go right through walls. (So don't bother locking that door).

2: Ghost Pets: Not all people become ghosts - and not all ghosts come from people! Ghost pets have deadly drool, glowing eyes, and a ghost bite that is definitely worse than their bark. Fear Fact: Man's best friend? More like man's best FIEND!

3: Abominable Snowman: This enormous, pointy-headed, shaggy beast leaves footprints like craters! If you meet him in the ice-capped mountains, prepare for the snowball fight of your life... Likes: His best friend, The Evil Snowman (see card #8) Dislikes: Tropical locations. For obvious reasons.

4: The Great Gargantua: At fourteen feet of pure evil, The Great Gargantua is HorrorLand's main attraction. She gets the big crowds by showing off her best features: beady eyes; claws like knives; and a very, very, very, bad temper. Likes: Scaring people - to death. Dislikes: Cages.

5: Monster Blood: Beware! Once a can of Monster Blood is exposed to the air, it grows huge - and hungry. The slimy stuff eats everything in its path. Including YOU. And if you ate it; you'd get bigger, too. Survival Tip: Check expiration dates! Monster Blood power expires...eventually.

6: Mutant Bugs: Take one radioactive explosion; mix in a few ants, bees, or flies; and BLAMMO! You've got BIG pests on your hands. Unfortunately, no bug spray in the world can stop these mega insects. Secret Powers: Skyscraper antennae! Terrifying Wingspans! A million eyes! Fangs out to here!

7: Vampires: How can you tell vampires from ordinary people? No reflection, pale skin, sharp teeth, and a unusal interest in your neck. Likes: Black capes, warm drinks, a good day's sleep Dislikes: Stakes, garlicky food 

8: Evil Snowman: Commonly found in the Artic town of Sherpia, this cold hearted snowman has a scar...and a secret. Only the white wolves know the truth: he's pure frozen evil! Likes: Sno cones, Icy Pops Dislikes: Hot sun, Microwave ovens.

9: Grool: Next to the dishwashing liquid and behind the floor wax, lives a mythical sponge called the Grool. It's warm, breathing, and changes colors (when it's happy). Likes: Bad luck - and lots of it! Dislikes: Love. Being nice to the Grool is the only thing that might kill it.

10: Shrunken Head: These scary skulls hail from the jungle island of Baladora. When shrunken with a special potion, a head shrinks three times smaller - but generates three times as much jungle magic! Survival Tips: Head's up! When visiting remote islands, don't annoy the head-shrinking natives - or else.

11: Werewolves: Things get hairy when a full moon comes out. That's when kid changes into beast! How to spot a werewolf? Glowing eyes, no tail, ripped clothes, and super-fangs! Did You Know? Cure one by having it kneel in one spot for 100 years. Or kill it with a silver bullet...fur sure!

12: Cuddles: What turns a hamster huge, with eyes as big as soccer balls? One spoonful of Monster Blood (See card #5) is all it takes. But fear not! All he really wants is a good cuddle. Did you know? One upon a time, Cuddles attacked and ate a whole town.

13: Blob: Horrible. Gooey. Pink? This monster looks like a wad of bubblegum gone wild. How do you escape a blob that eats everything in sight? You don't! Likes: Getting stuck. Dislikes: Playing freeze tag. Ice cold may numb the blob - and render it powerless.

14: Lawn Gnomes: Lawn gnomes may look innocent, but these crafty ornaments are nothing but trouble. Distinguishing feature: a red hat! Fear Fact: The only way to bust up a lawn gnome party is with a high-pitched dog whistle. They'll crack up....into a billion bits.

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