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Monster Cards are Cards that you collect throughout [[HorrorLand ]] in [[Goosebumps Horrorland (Video Game)]], each card features an original Goosebumps book cover and a description of a monster or villain.
'''Monster Cards''' are cards that you collect throughout [[HorrorLand ]] in [[Goosebumps Horrorland (Video Game)]], each card features an original ''Goosebumps'' book cover and a description of a monster or villain.
==Cards to Collect==
==Cards to Collect==

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Monster Cards are cards that you collect throughout HorrorLand in Goosebumps Horrorland (Video Game), each card features an original Goosebumps book cover and a description of a monster or villain.

Cards to Collect

The Following Cards are:

  • 4: The Great Gargantua: Earned if you hit the little girl three times in a game of Monster Mash.
  • 5: Monster Blood: Earned if you play Bumper Carnage without getting hit.
  • 8: Evil Snowman (Beware, the Snowman): Earned if you get four home runs in a row in Batting Cage.
  • 17: BIAJOLs: (Not referencing Brain Juice) earned if you collect ten tokens in a game of Brian Drain.
  • 18: Giants (Monster Blood III): Find it in the Thundervoult.
  • 21: Amaz-O (Bad Hare Day): Earned if you get a gold on every ride in the Carnival of Screams.
  • 22: Zombies: Earned if you get a gold on every ride in Vampire Village (The card has zombies and a toxic symbol, so it's unknown if they're talking about the the Dark Falls Cizitens from Welcome to Dead House or the Graveyard Ghouls from Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls).
  • 25: Horrifico: Earned when you've collected 75 frights.

Cards Descriptions

0: Slappy: Good at ventriloquism. Made of wood. But Slappy is no dummy! For hundreds of years, he has terrified children with his creepy (lack of) charm. Likes: Making you his slave. Dislikes: Any attempt to resist.

1: Ghosts: Do you feel cold air; hear footsteps when no one is there; and see someone who has died? You've got a ghost! Secret Power: Ghosts can go right through walls. (So don't bother locking that door).

2: Ghost Pets: Not all people become ghosts - and not all ghosts come from people! Ghost pets have deadly drool, glowing eyes, and a ghost bite that is definitely worse than their bark. Fear Fact: Man's best friend? More like man's best FIEND!

3: Abominable Snowman: This enormous, pointy-headed, shaggy beast leaves footprints like craters! If you meet him in the ice-capped mountains, prepare for the snowball fight of your life... Likes: His best friend, The Evil Snowman (see card #8) Dislikes: Tropical locations. For obvious reasons.

4: The Great Gargantua: At fourteen feet of pure evil, The Great Gargantua is HorrorLand's main attraction. She gets the big crowds by showing off her best features: beady eyes; claws like knives; and a very, very, very, bad temper. Likes: Scaring people - to death. Dislikes: Cages.

5: Monster Blood: Beware! Once a can of Monster Blood is exposed to the air, it grows huge - and hungry. The slimy stuff eats everything in its path. Including YOU. And if you ate it; you'd get bigger, too. Survival Tip: Check expiration dates! Monster Blood power expires...eventually.

6: Mutant Bugs: Take one radioactive explosion; mix in a few ants, bees, or flies; and BLAMMO! You've got BIG pests on your hands. Unfortunately, no bug spray in the world can stop these mega insects. Secret Powers: Skyscraper antennae! Terrifying Wingspans! A million eyes! Fangs out to here!

7: Vampires: How can you tell vampires from ordinary people? No reflection, pale skin, sharp teeth, and a unusal interest in your neck. Likes: Black capes, warm drinks, a good day's sleep Dislikes: Stakes, garlicky food 

8: Evil Snowman: Commonly found in the Artic town of Sherpia, this cold hearted snowman has a scar...and a secret. Only the white wolves know the truth: he's pure frozen evil! Likes: Sno cones, Icy Pops Dislikes: Hot sun, Microwave ovens.

9: Grool: Next to the dishwashing liquid and behind the floor wax, lives a mythical sponge called the Grool. It's warm, breathing, and changes colors (when it's happy). Likes: Bad luck - and lots of it! Dislikes: Love. Being nice to the Grool is the only thing that might kill it.

10: Shrunken Head: These scary skulls hail from the jungle island of Baladora. When shrunken with a special potion, a head shrinks three times smaller - but generates three times as much jungle magic! Survival Tips: Head's up! When visiting remote islands, don't annoy the head-shrinking natives - or else.

11: Werewolves: Things get hairy when a full moon comes out. That's when kid changes into beast! How to spot a werewolf? Glowing eyes, no tail, ripped clothes, and super-fangs! Did You Know? Cure one by having it kneel in one spot for 100 years. Or kill it with a silver bullet...fur sure!

12: Cuddles: What turns a hamster huge, with eyes as big as soccer balls? One spoonful of Monster Blood (See card #5) is all it takes. But fear not! All he really wants is a good cuddle. Did you know? One upon a time, Cuddles attacked and ate a whole town.

13: Blob: Horrible. Gooey. Pink? This monster looks like a wad of bubblegum gone wild. How do you escape a blob that eats everything in sight? You don't! Likes: Getting stuck. Dislikes: Playing freeze tag. Ice cold may numb the blob - and render it powerless.

14: Lawn Gnomes: Lawn gnomes may look innocent, but these crafty ornaments are nothing but trouble. Distinguishing feature: a red hat! Fear Fact: The only way to bust up a lawn gnome party is with a high-pitched dog whistle. They'll crack up....into a billion bits.

15: Haunted Masks: Warning: trying on any creepy, life-like, rubber mask can be hazardous to your face. Haunted masks go on...and they don't come off! Fear Fact: If you are lucky enough to peel off an evil mask, don't leave it lying around! A scary mask always seeks its next victim.

16: Egg Monsters: Breakfast surprise, anyone? The moment these egg monsters shed their shells, they're scrambling for attention! But a pile of eggs with black eyes and purple veins can only mean one thing: serious indigestion. Did you know? Egg Monsters may look delicious, but they're not actually edible. So put down that fork!

17: BIAJOLs: BIAJOLS or brains in a jar on legs, are thirsty for knowledge. The only trouble is...they're sucking your brain dry to get it. Fear Fact: The human brain is made up of 80 percent water. Of course, the BIAJOLS knew that already. Sluurp!

18: Giants: Giants are just like you and me, except much, much bigger. With mammoth sized hands and cruise ships for feet, these monsters are giant steps ahead of everyone. Likes: XXXXL everything, all you can eat buffets. Dislikes: Miniature golf.

19: Mummies: Wrap a body in bandages and embalm away! After 1,000 years buried in the dark, your mummy's ready for action. But be warned: mummies always wake up on the wrong side of the sarcophagus. Likes: A tomb with a view. Dislikes: Being called 'ancient'.

20: Scarecrows: Dressed in clothes to scare crows away, these creepy figures may go from stalking you! Crows (and people) need to watch out. Secret Power: Scarecrows come alive in their own field of screams at the stroke of midnight.

21: Amaz-O: This floppy-eared terror is no ordinary ball of fluff. He was once a bad magician who fell for his own trick - and turned into the most bizarre bunny rabbit ever! Likes: Chewing out fans with his razor-sharp teeth. Dislikes: Being pulled out of a hat.

22: Zombies: Bring on the undead! Zombies are slow-moving creatures of the night, looking for a few good humans...for dinner! Likes: Eating people, sticking together in groups. Dislikes: Walking into fire or having their heads crushed (two ways to make them dead again!).

23: Mud Monsters: Slime time, anyone? Once a year, these muddy monsters come up from the creek to ooze terror all over. Their mission? Suck people back into the sludge! Did you know? Bring out the hair dryers people! The only way to kill a mud monster is to dry it up.

24: Mad Scientists: They'll tinker with your DNA, dabble with deadly chemicals, and disobey the laws of nature. They're mad scientists! Working in secret basement laboratories, they push the boundaries of science and sanity. Survival Tip: Just because you can turn yourself into a plant person doesn't mean you should.

25: Horrifico: The king of all horrors knows how to put on a show - and show off his power! Bulging eyes, twisted horns, sharp claws, and green skin make him the most Horror-fying creature of the year. And that's a very good thing. Likes: Being in charge Dislikes: Humans, pinching

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