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The following is a list of characters from Goosebumps Dead of Night in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the game.


Character Description
R.L. Stine

R.L. Stine appears in his human form in the opening cut-scene. He reads aloud a piece of paper with "The typewriter and I are one" written on it three times. This sucks him into the typewriter.
Slappy the Dummy

Slappy is the main antagonist of this game. He unleashes the Goosebumps monsters and destroys several manuscripts.

The player plays as a character called "Twist" in the first-person.
The Graveyard Ghoul

A female Graveyard Ghoul who stealthily stalks Twist. She only appears in Stine's house and during the final battle.

A furry spider that leaps out of the breadbox in the kitchen.
Lawn Gnomes

Lawn Gnomes appear from the kitchen cabinets and steal the pages you have collected. One of the Lawn Gnomes carries the dining room key. The player must smash them and retrieve the pages. They only appear in Stine's house.
Murder the Clown

A clown Slappy releases from a Jack-in-the-box during the dining room cut-scene. If the player remains in the dark or hides in a bigger hiding spot for an extended period of time, Murder will kill them. He only appears in Stine's house and during the final battle.
The Werewolf of Fever Swamp

A werewolf Slappy releases from one of the bedrooms. He only appears in Stine's house and during the final battle.
Monster Blood

Monster Blood doesn't play a major role in the game. It is used by Slappy as a weapon and appears on locked doors.
Dr. Brewer's Clone

Dr. Brewer's Clone appears in his conservatory. He tricks Twist into assuming he's the real Dr. Brewer and trying to cure them. His real plan, however, is to turn you into a plant, just like what he did with Margaret.
Margaret Brewer

Dr. Brewer's daughter. She's been turned into a plant. She helps the player defeat Dr. Brewer's Clone by giving them the correct formula for the cure.
Killer fish

Killer fish that appear in the pond. They kill the player if they fall in.
Killer bees

Over-sized bees that appear in Dr. Brewer's conservatory. They follow the player if they get too close to their hive.
Fly traps

Fly traps that appear in Dr. Brewer's conservatory. Coming too close to them results in the player getting eaten. To let them go dormant, you must either feed the plants or water them.
Moving lily pads

Lily pads that move underwater when the player attempts to cross the pond. The player must move quickly to prevent drowning.
Venus fly traps

Margaret (using her plant abilities) transforms some lily pads into Venus fly traps to prevent the player from helping Dr. Brewer's Clone devise an even stronger poison.
Ghostly Witches

Flying witches with blank green heads. The player must crouch to avoid getting hit by the Witches as they fly past them. There is no way to kill them outside the final battle.
Nikola Tesla

A character based on a real scientist. He helps the player navigate through his laboratory. He allows the player to use his Coil Gun.

Slappy's henchman. He helps Slappy with his plans but drops the book after inadvertently electrifying Slappy. Unlike his movie appearance, this Walter wears a red shirt. There is no way to kill him.
Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears that appear in Tesla's lab. You must zap them with Tesla's Coil Gun at full power to blow them up. A little while after exploding, the Gummy Bears regenerate and continue to chase the player. If the player zaps them without the Coil Gun reaching full-power, they would merely freeze for a second before chasing the player again.
Walter's clones

Walter's clones guard the alpha henchman by hunting down the player. Unlike the real Walter, these clones wear blue shirts.
Flame-throwing Witches

These witches appear during the final battle. They chase the player, trying to burn them as they try to defeat Slappy and the other monsters. They continuously circle the Tesla Tower. The only way to defeat them is to zap them with the Coil Gun.