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Goosebumps Alive is an interactive show held in London, which opened up on May 14th 2016. It offers two versions of the show; an adult version and a kid-friendly one.


There are two different versions of the show:

Adult (Goosebumps Alive):

A more adult version of the ride which features many more jumpscares and more gruesome imagery, while still keeping to the spirit of the books. Those who entered the attraction would have to find their way to the exit, while traversing numerous rooms containing reimagined versions of the classic Goosebumps monsters including the Haunted Mask, a scarecrow, Slappy, and other monsters. The show also featured special artwork provided by Tim Jacobus.

Kids (Goosebumps: Museum of the Weird)

A tamer version of the ride with fewer jumpscares and not quite as extreme as the adult version.

Night of the Living Dummy was one of the books represented, with more frightening versions of Slappy and Mr. Wood.


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