Gooflumps is a spoof series created as parody of classic Goosebumps books. The series consists of two books written by Robert Hughes under the pseudonym R.U. Slime, a parody of R.L. Stine.

Eat Cheese and Barf


This book's title is a parody of Say Cheese and Die!, although the plot is more similar to Monster Blood

Eat Cheese and Barf! involves a young lactose-intolerant boy named Billy Fudder whose family has moved from Syracuse, New York to the rural town of Bledsoe, New York after inheriting a farm from his grandfather. The town thrives on the production of dairy products, which clearly irritates Billy, as he is the only lactose-intolerant boy in the city. However, this boring town houses a secret, beneath his home is a creature made entirely of Cottage cheese created by his grandfather, who was actually insane. His sister's one-armed boyfriend Armand the farmhand and his talking dairy cow Martha try to help them find a way to stop the monster while he and his friend Fannie arrive at the local carnival where it has been released.

Stay Out of the Bathroom

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This book's title is a parody of Stay Out of the Basement, although the book itself is more similar to Let's Get Invisible!

Stay Out of the Bathroom centers on a young boy named Joe Kohler, a self-proclaimed "toilet king" who begins to experience strange things going on with his family's toilet, such as the lid slamming down on his head while he is vomiting, the toilet refusing to flush, and a trail of missing people leading directly to his bathroom. He soon discovers that the toilet is actually a teleportation device for sinister aliens visiting the Earth.


  • While the covers credit "R.U. Slime" as the author, Robert Hughes is credited on the copyright page of each book.
  • Stine was asked about the books during a 2016 Reddit AMA. He said that "the covers were pretty funny". [1]
  • The name Joe Kohler is a reference to Kohler, a bathroom appliance company.
  • The covers were drawn by Mark Garro, who would later draw covers for the Ghosts of Fear Street series.


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