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Goldie is the 2nd antagonist in 10th book of SlappyWorld, Diary of a Dummy.


After getting rid of Slappy, Billy McGee and his sister, Maggie, finds Slappy's diary and begins to read it. They find out the names of past victims and Slappy's narcissisms. However, on the end of the diary, Slappy talks about "The Gold" which excites the sibilings thinking that he was looking for gold. The siblings, along with their friend Laci, go to the supposed haunted house, Coldman House, to find the gold.

After two monster attacks, the three were trying to escape but are now trapped by a blonde puppet. They were horrified that "The Gold" actually meant her. She knew that Slappy wanted to find her because of her powers being much stronger than Slappy's. Slappy and Goldie were made at the same time as the sorcerer, side by side. However, the sorcerer gave Goldie more powers than Slappy. Because of this Slappy is trying to find her.

Billy and the others tried to make an escape but Goldie pins them against the wall with magic. Then she demands Billy to give her a book he found in the mansion. When she does get the book back, Goldie threatens them to obey her and summoned rats to attack them. However it backfired by Billy throwing a sandwich at her and the rats following it to her. As she is getting attacked by rats, the kids open the door revealing Slappy on the other side.

Slappy greets Goldie, who is still fighting the rats but managed to freeze them. But her clothes torn with holes and her hair became messy. At first Slappy made fun of her but then compliments her, asks her to teach him her powers, and calls her sister. Goldie refuses and denies being siblings with him.

After they started arguing for a while, the three children tried to escape but Goldie caught them. Billy then made a deal with Slappy to let them go and give him something that belongs to him. He gave what he thought was Slappy's second diary but it turns out to be Goldie's.

Goldie, desperate and furious, wanted her diary because it had powerful spells that Slappy could use against her. Before Slappy could use one, she cursed his limbs to be pretzel shape. Then took the bottom mouth of Slappy when she realized he memorized it.

Billy managed to give Slappy his bottom mouth to cast a spell on her, turning her into a rat as she runs off to a hole in a wall.

General Information

Goldie lives somewhat alone in the Coldman House as she waits for possible servants to control. Unlike her other siblings, she has a permanent home compared to the others who switch owners.

Physical description

She has a "wild hive of curly blond hair," bright blue eyes, short snub nose, and red lips. She wears a flowered top with a black skirt and tights.

At the end of the book she becomes a blonde rat with curls.


As Goldie explains that she is more powerful than Slappy because of the sorcerer favoring her and most of these spells are written in her diary. Some of her abilities includes freezing, reposition limbs, making objects heat up, control animals, create ice monsters, hypnotizing, moving floors, and can blast hot air.

Another ability that she could have but was written in her book is force animal transformation but is used against her.