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"Go Eat Worms" is the sixth episode of season two of the Goosebumps TV series. It premiered on September 28, 1996 on Fox during the Fox Kids block.



Todd Bastrow is obsessed with worms. He loves to carry them around and torture his sister with them, dropping them into her long hair. That is until Todd's worms start playing tricks on their own. Suddenly, worms are making appearances in the most unlikely places—in his bed, in his homework, and worst of all, in his spaghetti! It's enough to make you squirm!

Differences from the book

  • There is a scene in the episode where Danny finds worms in his spaghetti and blames Todd. This scene is not present in the book. Oddly, the back cover of the original book mentions worms showing up in Todd's spaghetti even though they never do.
  • In the book, Todd is above ground when the giant worm attacks him and is released when his sister's bird model scares the worm off. In the episode, Todd is pulled underground and is only let go when he promises never to harm another worm.
  • In the book's ending, Todd abandons his worm hobby and takes up collecting butterflies, which results in him being attacked by a giant butterfly with a hatpin. In the episode's ending, Todd takes up fishing and uses minnows as bait, but he ends up being pulled into the lake after eating a sandwich with a fish hook in it. Todd then suddenly told them that he'd promise to give them up. So the fish let him go. "Thanks," Todd said and then quotes "What?! You're gonna make me swim back?"
  • Patrick MacKay doesn't appear in the episode, and the entire science fair section is removed.
  • Todd's father does not appear in the episode.

Other media

Goosebumps Presents

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February 1997 56

Home media

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Go Eat Worms

September 7, 2010 DVD

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  • In one scene, Todd is seen listening to hip-hop music. Fittingly, the actor who portrayed Todd, Noah Shebib, ended up becoming a hip-hop and R&B record producer under the pseudonym 40.
  • The original script simply ended with Todd being dragged into the water by the fish, with Danny joking that they'll just throw him back. This is reflected in the Goosebumps Presents book although Danny's line is omitted. [1]