The following is a list of characters from Go Eat Worms! and its television adaptation in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Todd Barstow

Book and TV episode Todd is a mischievous young boy who is obssessed with worms. Todd likes playing pranks on his sister, Regina.
Regina Barstow

Book and TV episode Regina is Todd's sister. She hate gross things, especially worms.
Beth Baker

Book and TV episode Beth is Regina's friend. She is Regina's partner for the science fair.
Danny Fletcher

Book and TV episode Danny is Todd's best friend. Danny typically helps Todd dig for worms.
Mr. Barstow and Mrs. Barstow

Mr. Barstow:
Mrs. Barstow:
Book and TV episode
These are Todd and Regina's parents. When Todd becomes too obsessed with his worms, his father demand that he get rid of them.

  • Miss Grant
  • Mrs. Sanger
  • Mr. Dawkins
  • Mr. Hargrove
  • Ms. Travianti

Book These are some of the teachers at Todd's school, William Tecumseh Sherman Middle School.
Patrick MacKay

Book Patrick moved from Pasadena, California to Ohio. He's one of Todd's rivals throughout the book.
Mr. Fletcher and Mrs. Fletcher

Book These are Danny's parents.
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