The following is a list of characters from Ghost in the Mirror in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Description
Jason Sloves

Jason is an easily scared boy. He's twelve years old, but he has a young-looking face. Additionally, he has black hair and a round face. When Jason finds a threatening note beside his new mirror and dresser, he rightfully assumes it's a prank. However, his mirror turns out to be far more sinister than he expected.
Claudia Sloves

Claudia is Jason's sister. She loves to aggressively tease and prank her brother.

Fred is Jason's closest friend. He's tall, blond, and lanky. Usually, he's uncoordinated.

Buzzy is the Sloves' family pet. He is described as a hairy mutt who is at least part terrier.
Jason's mother and father

Jason's father struggles to find employment in the first half of the book. Because of this, Jason's mother expresses financial concerns.
Robby McIntire

Robby is a member of Jason's school. He's appears as one of Fred's teammates during their soccer game.
Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson is the nurse at Jason's school. She tends to Jason after he is attacked by Fred.
Fred's parents

Fred's parents are very briefly mentioned and not described in detail.
Mr. Royal

Though only mentioned once, it's hinted that Mr. Royal is an important member of the staff at Jason's school.
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