The following is a list of characters from Ghost Camp in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Alex Altman

Book Alex is the younger brother of Harry Altman, the protagonist of the book. Alex is an incredible singer. He is sent to stay at Camp Spirit Moon alongside his brother.
Harry Altman

Book Harry is the older brother of Alex Altman. He is more athletic than his brother, and he is also sent to stay at Camp Spirit Moon alongside his brother.
Bus driver

Book Though briefly mentioned, the bus driver that takes Harry and Alex to camp spirit moon is a young man with an earring in one ear and a suntan.
Mr. Altman and Mrs. Altman

Book These are Alex and Harry's parents.

  • Chris
  • Veronica

Book Counselors of Camp Spirit Moon wear white tennis shorts and white T-shirts. Only a few counselors are mentioned by names. Chris greets Harry and Alex when they arrive. Veronica helps host auditions for the camp's talent show.
Uncle Marv

Book Uncle Marv is a huge and booming man. He has tiny, rounds eyes and long, black hair.
Elvis McGraw

Book Elvis befriends Alex at camp. He is a terrible singer.

Book Lucy befriends Harry at camp. She has long black hair and a husky voice, and Harry describes her pretty.
Sam and Joey

Book Sam and Joey are two of Alex and Harry's bunk-mates.
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