The following is a list of characters from Ghost Beach and its television adaptation in order of appearance.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Medium Description
Terri Sadler

Book and TV episode Terri is the younger sister of Jerry Sadler. She is very curious and has many hobbies. When she hears rumors of a ghost said to haunt a nearby cave, Terri and her brother begin searching for the truth.
Jerry Sadler

Book and TV episode The book's protagonist and narrator, Jerry and his sister, Terri are spending their summer in New England with their distant cousins, Brad and Agatha. Although he is scientific minded, Jerry questions if the ghost stories he's hearing could possibly be true.
Brad and Agatha Sadler

Book and TV episode Distant relatives of Jerry and Terri, Brad and Agatha live in New England. The two of them seem kind, but they're reluctant to share what they know about the cave and its rumored ghost.
Sam Sadler

Book and TV episode One of three siblings Jerry and Terri meet while on the beach. He loves to play practical jokes.
Louisa Sadler

Book and TV episode Another of the three Sadler siblings, Louisa is the one to tell Jerry and Terri about the ghost.
Nat Sadler

Book The youngest of three Sadlers, Nat is shy and easily frightened. He develops a small crush on Terri.
Harrison Sadler

Book and TV episode While exploring the cave near the beach, Jerry and Terri run into Harrison Sadler, an old man with stringy white hair and a beak-like nose. While they initially believe him to be the ghost, Harrison reveals him to be a studier of the occult and that the three friends they've just made are the true ghosts.
Harrison Sadler's dog

Book and TV episode A large German shepherd kept as a companion by Harrison Sadler. The dog's barking reveals Sam, Louisa, and Nat to actually be ghosts.
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