General Rameer is one of the antagonists of the sixteenth Goosebumps Series 2000 book, The Mummy Walks.


Twelve years ago, war broke up in the country of Jekeziah, and the rebels were mostly defeated. Michael Clarke's parents had hidden the mummy of Emperor Pukrah, to ensure that the rebels couldn't get a hold of it. Hidden in the mummy is the Jekeziah Sapphire, which is so valuable their entire economy is based on it.

A memory chip with the location of the mummy had been implanted inside Micheal, and Rameer wanted to get Micheal to tell him where the mummy is. Micheal didn't remember so he sent Rameer and his men on a wild goose chase to an empty cave, where his daughter Megan had pretended to be Pukrah to scare them off.

It turned out that he had sent Megan to spy on Micheal and get him to trust her so she could find out where the mummy is. After she and Micheal were sent back to Micheal's home, she left a note revealing this and the mummy was gone, with a note saying "THE MUMMY WALKS AGAIN'. It's unknown if she had brought Pukrah to life or not.

General information

Physical appearance

Rameer has white curly hair with slender tanned skin.


Rameer is dedicated to his country and is willing to do anything to get the mummy of Pukrah. He even had his daughter lie to Micheal to find out where it is. He cares for his daughter and got upset when she hid under a jeep during a battle, fearing something bad could happen.

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