Gale Cooper is a character in the film Goosebumps. She is the mother of Zach Cooper.


She moves to Madison with her son Zach Cooper where she gets a job as the vice-principal at Madison High School. She has a sister named Lorraine Conyers.

When her son was suspicious of the screams that came from their neighbor Mr. Shivers, she finds out that he had the police summoned to his house. After Officer Stevens and Officer Brooks tell Zach the penalty of filing a police report, Gale reprimands Zach and sends him home. Before she leaves to chaperone the school dance, Gale calls Lorraine over to watch Zach.

At first. She didn't believe Zach about the monster invasion. But she finally does when a Giant Praying Mantis grabs one of the attendees and she helps barricade the school. When Stine blows the monsters up with the bus, she cheers and hopes Zach will be careful, then replies, "not a good time" when Coach Carr begins flirting with her.

Following the aftermath of the monster attack, she is seen arriving at school with Zach.

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