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"Fun With Spelling" is the sixth short story from the book More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


The story Fun With Spelling was ghostwritten by Carolyn Crimi, an author who also ghostwrote two books in the Ghosts of Fear Street series.[1] It is currently unknown if any other stories in More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps were ghostwritten.


Kari's Aunt Vera is a superstitious woman, constantly talking about spells and curses. When she departs for a trip, she leaves Kari with a parting gift: A book entitled MAGIC SPELLS AND SORCERY, with a note inside hoping Kari will find it useful. Skimming through the book, Kari finds a section on enemy spells and finds one that catches her attention: A Forgetfulness spell. Soon, a devious plan forms in her head, she'll cast it on Lisa McFly, the meanest girl at her school. Kari follows the book's instructions and casts it on Lisa. To her delight, Lisa forgets her homework at school the following day. Kari is satisfied until Lisa says a snarky remark to her, prompting Kari to cast a new, harsher spell.

The following day, Kari's magic works perfectly. Lisa begins to burp loudly and uncontrollably, causing the class to break into a fit of laughter. Unfortunately, the spell wears off come lunchtime, and Kari enacts her final revenge on Lisa. This time, she uses a custom spell, where the caster must write on a slip of paper what they wish for their victim to do. Kari's request is for Lisa to live up to her name, and attempt to fly before the entire class.

The next day at school, this is exactly what happens, but things soon go awry. Lisa begins to actually float in the air until she begins to move towards an open window. The other classmates try to stop her, while Kari runs back home in an attempt to break the spell. However, upon entering her room, she finds the book missing, with her annoying younger sister, Libby waiting for her inside.

Before Kari can yell at Libby, she begins to burp loudly. Lisa flies past the window and thanks Libby. Realizing Libby has cast an enemy spell on her, Kari continues to burp and backflip uncontrollably.


  • Kari being cursed to backflip non-stop is identical to one of the curses put on Micah Brill by his sister, Wade, in the Goosebumps Series 2000 book, Revenge R Us.
  • One of Carolyn Crimi's Ghosts of Fear Street books, Three Evil Wishes, also had the protagonist using magic in some way to get revenge on someone.
  • This story references an unpopular boy named Timmy Wardell, the second character named Timmy in More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps. The first appears as the cowardly protagonist of "Live Bait".