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The following is a list of characters from Full Moon Fever in the order they are mentioned or appear.

This page contains spoilers! Do not read this before finishing the story.


Character Description

Robbie’s sister, who was also turned into a beast after eating a Beast bar, and cursed after eating a Curse bar.

The protagonist and narrator. He and Alesha as explained by him are tall, and a little chubby. He’s twelve and Alesha is eleven and both have straight black hair and blue eyes. When he and Alesha go trick-or-treating, they stop by Mrs Eakins’ house. They get “Best” bars from her and eat them. They then look up at the full moon. Then, later they turn into beasts.

Robbie and Alesha’s dog. Scruffy was almost eaten by Robbie before Robbie stopped himself from doing so.
Robbie and Alesha’s mom

Robbie and Alesha’s mom who called the police after seeing that Robbie and Alesha had become monsters.
Grandpa John

Robbie and Alesha’s grandpa. He likes to tell scary stories and tells one about an illness that turns out into a beast. After it turns out to be a real, he tries to help the kids.
Mrs Eakins

Mrs Eakins is a witch who lives in Robbie and Alesha’s neighborhood. She is angry at Robbie and Alesha because they kicked a soccer ball through her front window.
The woman from Grandpa John’s story

She was the woman who told Grandpa John about Full Moon Fever in his story. Grandpa John, Robbie and Alesha go to visit her to see if she can cure them. She tells them they’ll probably be cured by a man named Dr Thorne.
Dr Thorne

Dr Thorne imprisoned Robbie, Alesha and Grandpa John and used them for a show called Dr Thorne’s Monster Kids. Robbie, Alesha and their grandpa eventually escape from him.