The following is a list of characters from Fright Camp in order of appearance.


Character Medium Description
Andrew Herman

Book The protagonist and narrator. He is a big fan of R.B. Farraday's movies and is excited when he gets to go to his camp.
Tyler Herman

Book Andrew's ten year old brother. He always looks goofy, compared to Andrew who is more serious. He is also a big R.B. Farraday fan.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman

Book Andrew's parents. Mom is always telling them to act more adult. They are initially skeptical about their kids going to Fright Camp but agree
Meredith and Elizabeth Friedman

Book Two sisters that Andrew meet on the bus. Elizabeth likes popping bubbles and Meredith insists on calling Andrew "Andy"
Man in Black

Book A man who is involved with a prank where it seems like he is taking over the bus and and leading the kids to their doom.

Book The very tall counselor for Cabin Three. He warns the kids that the camp isn't what it seems.
Jack Harding and Chris

Book Two of the kids' bunkmates. Jack has red hair and they save him from a wasp's nest, which turns out to be fake. Chris warns them that some of the scares are real.

Book The assistant "warden' who helps R.B. with the scares.
R.B. Farraday

Book A director who has made 35 horror films which has earned him the title of "scariest man on earth". He owns the camp which is full of things based on his works, but his scares start seeming too real.

Book A gorilla from R.B.'s film "Conquerors of the Gorilla Planet", that is used for a scare

Book A dark uniformed counselor who shoots down Rocko.

Book A big red-haired man who runs the Spin-and-Scream ride. He doesn't care that the kids think the ride goes too far. He also serves as the life guard.

Book A tall friendly female counselor who the kids tell about the strange things going on. She tells them that R.B. thinks the scares have to be real.

Book Dark uniformed guards who prevent the kids from leaving the camp.
Mrs. Harding

Book Jack's Mom. She is called to rescue the kids but is captured by the guards.
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