"For the Birds" is the eighth short story featured in the book Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Everyone in Kim Peterson's family loves birds. Everyone, but her. To celebrate their wedding anniversary, their parents drag her along on a vacation to the Bird Haven Lodge.  Her older brothers — also avid bird-watchers — constantly tease Kim over her displeasure. Arriving at the hotel, they quickly meet Mr. Dove, the slightly odd manager of the hotel. Dove shows everyone to their rooms, before departing. Kim's room is tiny, with a window allowing her to see into the large maze below. While exploring, Kim comes across a pair of metal hedge clippers. A relieved Dove enters the room, thanking Kim for finding them. He says he owes her a favor. Dove tells Kim he can help her get revenge on her family for dragging her here. Unnerved, Kim declines.

The following day, the Petersons traverse the maze. They come across a hedge-clipping that looks exactly like them. Kim's father questions Dove, who replies that it is simply part of the program. Kim and her family continue until they find themselves in what looks like a massive bird cage. Dove reveals he wants the family to be happy. With his clippers, he turns each member of the family into a bird. Soon, only Kim is left. She begs Dove not to turn her into a bird. Dove comforts Kim and says he still owes her that favor. He tells Kim he's going to help her pay them back and transforms Kim into a cat.


  • This story references Log Cabin syrup.
  • Kim, Ben and Andy's father is mentioned by name in the story: Henry.
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