The Flying Jack-O'-Lanterns are mischievous pumpkin-themed monsters featured in the film Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween.


The Flying Jack-O'-Lanterns were originally inanimate pumpkins with carved faces, prepared by citizens of Wardenclyffe, New York just in time for Halloween. However, Slappy the Dummy brought them all to life using the Tesla Tower. The Jack-O'-Lanterns grew wings for mobility, and their faces were animated.

Flying Jack-O'-Lanterns were among the monster causing chaos throughout Wardenclyffe as Sonny Quinn, Sarah Quinn, and Sam Carter ran afoul of them as they arrived at Mr. Chu's house. They were last seen circling the Tesla Tower during Sarah's fight with Slappy before ultimately being sucked into Haunted Halloween by Sarah along with all the other monsters Slappy brought to life.


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