Emperor Pukrah is a mummy from the sixteenth book in the Goosebumps Series 2000 series, The Mummy Walks.


Centuries ago, Emperor Pukrah was once an ancient Egyptian leader. When he died, he was mummified, making him one of the oldest mummies in the known world. He is also a very powerful mummy, that if brought back to to life could cause destruction upon the world. Twelve years prior to the events of the story, the king and queen of the nation of Jezekiah had the mummy and the valuable Jezekiah sapphire sent to New York, to be kept under the watch of Mr. and Mrs. Clarke. They also sent their infant son Michael, his brain implanted with a memory chip that would reveal the mummy's location.

General Rameer brings Michael back to Jezekiah in order to find the location of Emperor Pukrah, but Michael can't remember the exact location. Michael soon meets Megan Kerr, Rameer's adopted daughter who claims to try to help Michael out. After a cave exploration is unsuccessful, Michael is soon kidnapped by General Mohamm, who tries to open his skull to find the chip. When an X-Ray shows no chip, he has Michael sent to be murdered via gunfire, only for Megan to save Michael in the nick of time. Both kids return to the Clarkes where they finally see the mummy of Emperor Pukrah. The next day, Michael discovers that Megan was working for Rameer the entire time in order to find Emperor Pukrah. She leaves Michael a note that says that "THE MUMMY WALKS AGAIN".


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