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=== Physical appearance ===
=== Physical appearance ===
Elliot is eleven years old, tall and skinny, with brown hair and brown eyes.
Elliot is eleven-years-old, tall, and skinny, with brown hair and brown eyes.
=== Personality ===
=== Personality ===

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Elliot is the secondary protagonist of The Horror at Camp Jellyjam. He is the younger brother of Wendy.


Elliot and Wendy were going on a road trip with their parents to Wyoming, which was a very long trip. It wasn't very exciting and Elliot was soon pestering his mother about how bored he was, saying that he wanted to go to camp. Their mother tried to get them play a game, but to no avail. After a futile game of Car Geography, Elliot asked if he and Wendy could ride in the trailer for a while. Their parents were uneasy about the idea at first, but they eventually agreed. Elliot and Wendy were in the trailer when the trailer came loose from their parents' car and crashed into a tree.

They are discovered by Buddy, a camp counselor at Camp Jellyjam. He invites them to camp, where Elliot and Wendy compete in sports to win King Coins. Elliot wins five, and almost wins six, but is stopped by his sister Wendy, who knows what happens to the kids who win six King Coins.

He eventually gets his sixth King Coin at the end of the book when Buddy visits his house just to give him the Coin he would have won without Wendy's interference.

General information

Physical appearance

Elliot is eleven-years-old, tall, and skinny, with brown hair and brown eyes.


Elliot is a highly competitive person. To him, every game is life or death and he really takes them too seriously and he hates to lose, making him a very bad sport. Elliot gets so intense that it kind of leads to a bit of a downfall for him and when he thinks he is going to lose, he just quits. His sister would always send a whistle signal to him to tell him to not get too intense, but of course he never liked it when Wendy called him a chicken and he tends to make fun of her and sometimes their parents. Elliot is also easily bored and he can hardly sit still on a long drive. Elliot can be the kind of kid who never worries about anything and everything always seems to go his way. But there are moments where he got pretty worried, although he would never admit it. And he and his sister do agree on some things.



  • Elliot's surname was never mentioned in the book.
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