The following is a list of characters from Egg Monsters from Mars in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Dana Johnson

Book Dana is the twelve-year-old protagonist and narrator of the book. He's interested in science, so, when he finds an abnormal, green egg in his backyard, he's especially interested.
Brandy Johnson

Book Brandy is Dana's spoiled, younger sister. Worst of all, her parents give her everything she wants.
Mrs. Johnson and Clark Johnson

Book Dana's mother and father are both interested in science. His mother works in a lab, and his father, Clark, develops perfume.
Grandma Evelyn and Grandpa Harry

Book Dana goes to dinner with his grandmother and grandfather for his sister's birthday.
Anne Gravel

Book Dana's closest friend throughout the book is Anne Gravel. She is tall and skinny. She also has long red-brown hair.
Hair Sisters

Book Of the attendees of Brandy's party, the only members that are described by Dana are the "Hair Sisters", because they are seemingly obsessed with styling their hair.

Book Stubby is Anne's sheepdog. The protagonist trips over this dog multiple times. According to Dana, the dog's breath is terrible.
Egg Monsters

Book The eggs arrived on Earth during a meteor shower that hit the protagonist's town. The creatures supposedly came from Mars.
Mrs. Gravel

Book Mrs. Gravel is Anne's mother. At one point, she almost kill's the egg monster that Dana found.
Dr. Gray

Book Dr. Gray is a local scientist who is investigating and trying to contain the egg monsters.
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